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I ´m Anna, 21 and the next Doctor's companion! Weeeeell, not quite, maybe one day BUT as I happen to have two hearts, I can love a lot of stuff. Music, Films, TV, other words: this is a multifandom blog. You have been warned.

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Remember that one time sherlock Holmes punched Deadpool in the face? Or when Deadpool said he was Team Jacob in front of Dracula?
Deadpool, guys.

(Clic the image for better re

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Returning to Tumblr after Matt Smith announced he’s leaving Doctor Who

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What if Irene Adler helped Sherlock in Reichenbach fall?

Everybody thought she was dead in Scandal in BelgraviaEven Sherlock.

And Sherlock saved her once. She could have returned the favour, don’t you think? Along with Molly. Those women saved him

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So, today was Batman: The Dark Night Rises premier at my city and since someone ruin it all, the cast of the film wasn’t able to come to a red carpet. But instead, they let us watch the Tumbler (True story, it’s called like that). AND IT’S SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. 

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I cant’ believe in a god that gave wings to mosquitoes instead of giving them to ponys.

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I bet the best thing about being married to Robert Downey Jr is that you’re actually married to Tony Stark.

Susan Downey is a lucky woman.

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When the concert of your favourite band ends and you’re just like

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default album art
Song: I Can't Decide
Artist: Scissor Sisters
Album: Ta-Dah
Played: 343 times.

Scissor Sisters - I Can’t Decide 

Also known as Gallifrey’s National Anthem.

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Basically, the Christmas diet is about eating everything in sight and wait for a miracle to hapen.

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When you go to a concert from your favorite artist:

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Introducing my first gifs ever!!!

Im quite proud of myself actually :D

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